Experience mindful, user-friendly fitness that starts where you are, regardless of age or limitations, and delivered to your door! 

                                On-site, Gentle - Chair - & Senior Yoga Classes for Beginners, Boomers, and Beyond!  

                                          Serving Senior, Corporate, and Wellness Communities in San Diego County since 2001.  


"Perfect yoga session after a long 
workday. Took Cheryl's Hatha Yoga class tonight, and what a way to wind down and relax after a long day in front of the computer! Her focus on breathing techniques and gentle stretching are effective and safe for both exercise novices and also experienced "fitness freaks" like myself :) I'll definitely be signing up for another one of Cheryl's yoga classes soon!" Judy K.

"I would highly recommend Cheryl as a great yoga instructor.  She is very calming and considerate of peoples abilities when doing her classes"  Diana T.

"Cheryl's class design is an excellent work out for seniors of all abilities. Added to her sparkling personality, attending her classes are a joy I look forward to every week!"  Ruth H.

"Cheryl was fantastic. She listened to my needs and gave me a much needs stretch after several flights.  Highly recommended."   Maria H.

Refresh, Renew, relax.....it's gentle.

Harmony Grove Yoga

​Smarter, Safer, Gentle Yoga

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If you have any questions about the classes I offer, or general yoga, fitness or health comments/questions,

just drop me a line, I'm here to help.

Harmony Grove Yoga 

Gentle, Senior, and Chair Yoga - Delivered!


Experience the benefits of gentle yoga for health and healing.  Achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being, 

one breath at a time...

  Hey friends!  I'm Cheryl, Founder of Harmony Grove Yoga.  Thank you for taking a moment to be here and for your interest in a gentler way to improve your health, keep your body moving, and feeling your best!  

Harmony Grove Yoga is safe, gentle, user-friendly yoga with classes designed for optimal health and healing at any stage of life. Each class is created and personalized to fit your individual or group needs and goals.

Whether you're a beginner, betweener, boomer or beyond, these classes are an effective way to reduce stress, promote better posture, increase mobility, flexibility, circulation, and balance and help you stay in shape, keeping you happy, healthy and stronger for longer!

 I offer Senior Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Gentle Yoga classes at your location in the north county,                                                                San Diego area.  If you're not in this area or want a private class, I also offer                                                                      Live, Online Classes using any wi-fi connected device for face to face,                                                                              personalized instruction from anywhere you are!  All you need is a little space!

                                                            I teach my classes with compassionate, professional instruction that allows you                                                              to ease into feeling your best whether you're very active or never exercise. 

                                                                 Gentle Yoga is about giving yourself and your body the love and attention it                                                                      needs to keep you feeling healthy and well no matter what your level of                                                                                    fitness or mobility is today. It allows you to start where you are.   

                                                                                Stretch, Strengthen, Relax, and Renew...at your own pace.